Why is Private Yoga Instruction with YogaGB so special?

YogaGB is proud and honored to provide exceptional yoga instruction to individuals and groups at our studio home and on location throughout the Berkshire region.

Whether you are looking to improve your crow pose, recovering from an injury or surgery, or eager to learn yoga in a private setting, YogaGB is the perfect fit for your needs.

So, why choose us? What makes us so special anyway?

OUR TEACHERS are experts who CARE about the individuals they teach and are passionate about the techniques they share. The majority of our instructors have been teaching in the field of yoga, meditation and wellness for at least 10 years (some of us 20+!) from New York City to California to Canada and beyond. Each of our teachers has been specially chosen for their extensive training background, people skills and being effective communicators.

OUR STUDIO has been a yoga sanctuary for 25 years and continues to offer exceptional yoga in the Berkshires. YogaGB has a heart and soul unique to our area. With bright light and high ceilings, the space lends itself to peace and magic. Our studio is also available to rent for private events and parties. For more info and to book, contact us at

CUSTOMIZATION is what makes a yoga lesson work for YOUR personal needs, goals and health. Each of our teachers designs a yoga experience that caters to you. This includes special group events like weddings and bachelorette gatherings! Group sessions are customized according to your requests, so your special day is in line with your vision and expectations.

CONVENIENCE is key to taking action and follow through. This is why we have a team of staff and an easy to navigate website, so you can book your private yoga appointments with ease. Call us or email us and receive a response within 24 hours.

MATS & PROPS come with each and every Private Yoga session. Our studio is equipped with a wide array of yoga props to support any ability level in yoga poses. This is especially convenient if you are visiting the Berkshires on vacation! No need to schlep your yoga gear, YogaGB has everything you need.

Thank you for your interest in our Private Yoga program!

We look forward to creating a yoga experience that enhances your and your group’s well-being and enjoyment.

Give us a call (413) 717-3122 , email us or click HERE to begin your journey.

Namaste ~





Director, Yoga Great Barrington & Radiance Yoga