kari-harendorf-picMAKE WAY FOR TURKEY!

Come to a special 2 hour pre-feast Thanksgiving Day class with Kari and fire up your digestive system for the day ahead!

The first half of class will be rigorous, with an emphasis on twists, inversions and other poses for digestive well being.

The focus of this class is to shed awareness and bring ease to the parts of yourself that tend to be neglected during the busy holiday season… namely, YOUR ENTIRE SELF!

With the luxury of 2 hours to play, asana will wind down into restoratives, the use of essential oils and a blissful savasana, ending with pranayama and a meditation to ground you in all the blessings of your life.

You will leave class wrung out, centered, and calm. Ready for the long holiday weekend.

THANKSLIVING 2015 with Kari Harendorf
Thursday, November 26 9 am – 11 am         $25