Yoga Class Schedule & Information

YogaGB offers online pre-registration for all yoga classes AND drop-ins are always welcome.

In the event of a class cancellation or change of instructor due to winter weather or other circumstances, updates will be posted to the schedule 1 hour before class.

If you are using a 3, 5 or 10 Class Card, please note that there are periods of use attached to each card and they are for individual use ONLY. If you are using a Single Class Pass, please note online registration is NOT available for this payment type. Please arrive early with your pass to use it as payment form. For more information about our pricing options, please click here.

Pre-registration cancellations are accepted up to 12 hours before class starts. The pre-registration payment is NOT REFUNDABLE for any no-shows or cancellations made within the 12 hour period before the class starts.

At Yoga Great Barrington, we offer a variety of pricing options to best serve your needs.

Have a question about what might be the best pricing option for you and your schedule?
Email us at and we will be happy to help you find the best option for you.

Want to see what’s happening at the Studio this week? Click here to view our schedule.







 Single Class $20 (1) Time Use No Yes
Student Single* (Full-Time College) $12 (1) Time Use No No
10 Single Class Passes $175
($17.50 per class)
No Expiration Yes No Buy Now
3-Class Card* $50
($16.67 per class )
30 days No Yes
5-Class Card* $79
($15.80 per class)
60 days No Yes
10-Class Card* $139
($13.90 per class)
90 days No Yes

Class Cards are:

  • for individual student use only, and may not be shared or transferred
  • valid for use with any of our regular weekly classes, but not special classes and workshops

When purchasing a 3, 5 or 10 Class Card, please note:

  • Each class card has a set period of use
  • The set period for use begins on first day you use the class card, not when you purchase it
  • Periods for use are not extended EXCEPT in the case of a medical or family emergency that prohibits you from attending yoga classes

If you are interested in a no-expiration, transferable option, we recommend the 10 No Expiration Single Class Passes.


At YogaGB most of our class offerings are Vinyasa based and feature some level of  Flow — a style of yoga in which postures are practiced in sequences, synchronized with the breath, with one pose leading into the next. A sun salutation (Surya Namaskar) is an example of Flow. 

All YogaGB classes, unless they are labeled Flow, offer workshop style instruction with a focus on alignment and the introduction of new poses and series along with periods of flow. Classes labeled Flow on our schedule will flow more consistently throughout.

As always, feel free to contact us at any time with any questions you may have, and remember that all students are always invited to up or down level their practice within any individual class to better customize their experience to their needs and parameters.


Classes begin on time.
Arrive five to ten minutes early for relaxed pre-class set up.

Inform your teacher
if you are working with specific sensitivities, injuries, or other health issues.

On occasion, classes are taught by substitute teachers.
Visit the schedule above for the latest information and updates.

Props are available for student use. 
Manduka Premium Mats are available to rent for $3. Yoga props and knee pads are available for student use free of charge.

Towels, water, and two bath/changing rooms are available for use.
At this time, showers are not available on-site.

Interested in private yoga classes?

Click here to learn more about available services we offer.