Class Description


Flow: A style of yoga in which postures are practiced in sequences, synchronized with the breath, with one pose leading into the next. A sun salutation (Surya Namaskar) is an example of flow. Most Yoga Great Barrington classes include some flows, while classes labeled “flow” will flow more consistently throughout.

Gentle: Yoga designed to generate ease and comfort in the body. Great for Beginners!

Moderate: For experienced yoga students in good physical condition, who enjoy a balanced ratio of challenge and strength building poses with flexibility and rest.

Vigorous: For strong, active intermediate and advanced students who are comfortable with moderate classes and are ready for a more demanding practice. This class level builds stamina in dynamic flow sequences and challenging poses.

Restorative Yoga: Features classic yoga postures that are passively supported by props such as blankets and bolsters, which allow the postures to be held for longer periods. Key organs and glands are bathed with revitalizing blood and the nervous system is deeply soothed, dismantling chronic tension and improving immune function. Students at all levels can safely practice Restorative Yoga.